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Our Lady Queen of Apostles Church

Father Paul Catena, Pastor

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Parish Committees:

Finance Committee

Mike Oriolo, Trustee, Nancy Rutigliano , Trustee

Dr. Nick Chuff, James Conover, Kevin Craska, William Gregory, Gale Hatch and Jean Maneen

Pastoral Council

Judy Conover, President, Lisa Enea, Vice President, Tom Bentley, Mary Caiola, Lou Christie, Sharon Ciccone, Patty Loiacano, Peter Manno, Sue Ortello, Mary Romeo, Jillian Rumrill, Rosanne Tangorra, Jackie Treat, Maryel Wallace.

Decorating Committee

Patty Loiacano, Chairperson, Judy Conover,  Kathy DeLuca, Connie Giambrone, Lucille Hand.

Religious Education Cathechists

Maryel Wallace, Chairperson, Teresa Riscica, Assistant, Judy Butts, Lou Christie, Lori Cook, Lucille Hand, Sue Ortello, Lisa Randazzo, Joellew Service, Robin Simmons, Ellen Tasovac, Sid Vivacqua Jr., and Rose Zito

Bereavement Committee

OLQA:  Lynnann McCoy (Chairperson), Carole Jean Crimmins,

Annunciation:  Judy Butts, Linda Rice, Maryel Wallace

Prayer & Worship Committee

Father Catena, Carole Jean Crimmins, Lisa LoRe, Cathy Marrotta, Prudy Molling Debbie Wainwright and Maryel Wallace

Amen Choir

Carole Jean Crimmins, Music Minister, Sharon Ciccone, Francis Congelo, Nancy Diliberto, Sue DeNicola, Alan Kennell, Eileen Manno, Sue Ortello, Mary Romeo, Nancy Rutigliano, Joelle Service, Gloria Zacaroli and Rose Zito

Outreach Ministries

Karen Slocum (chairperson), Dan Sheffield (co-chairperson), Joy Patterson , Carol Acquaviva, Dave Williams, Gerry Simonette, Sam Simonette, Paul Thibault, Theresa Palmeri, Barb Collea, Carol Mocko, Sue Wren